Siem Reap

Upon arriving in Cambodia we were greeted by our notorious “Tuk-Tuk” drivers outside the airport. After dodging various motorcycles, three buses, and a semi — our very obliging drivers stacked the awkward luggage in a very unique fashion onto his motorbike, which is a skill purely unique to the Cambodian “Tuk-Tuk” drivers.

Cambodian traffic, as Ben Faul calls it, is “controlled chaos.” It took us around an hour and half stalled in traffic, while our ears adjusted to the orchestra of car horns. Five a.m. to me is an ungodly hour, but the bus service to Siem Reap doesn’t see it that way. We boarded our “limousine bus,” for the six-hour trek through the Cambodian countryside.

Sadly if you ever take the “limousine bus” through Cambodia there are no shrimp cocktails or champagne. But it does break down in various places.  We were luck Aaron Epp is particularly handy when it comes to buses in the Cambodian countryside.

When we arrived at our hotel we were so exhausted that Rachel Welch and I fell asleep watching Tom and Jerry. The next day was the most eventful of our time in Siem Reap. Our particular driver that day wore a t-shirt that we all envied that said “Tuk-Tuk drivers for peace.”  This was so we could conveniently identify him by his shirt. The Wats were beyond breath taking, Angkor Wat was their crown jewel of the Wats. The architecture was overwhelmingly elaborate. I never imagined ruins being nearly perfectly intact. We got lost in the ruins for the day, which was strangely similar to being inside the Jungle Book.

I was more dehydrated then I’ve ever been.  We had some rather non-conventional run-ins with Asian monkeys, and my jeans were covered with the dust of ancient ruins. We ended the day by climbing to a temple on top of a mountain to watch the sun set. As the sun went down we ended our  time in Angkor Wat  and our Cambodian adventure.

By Tessa Hoduski

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