Thailand Part 3

It is hard to capture in a blog what we found the Lord doing in Thailand but I will do my best.  The majority of Thai’s are Buddhist, about 90%, so to be among Christians is not only comforting but exciting.  We traveled to Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand and found this town to be a charming place.  We spent a Sunday in church at the University where we were blessed to have met up with some people that Aaron Phillips knew from previous experiences.  We sang many familiar songs in English with the Thai people singing in Thai as we sang in English.  It was amazing.  Then we were blessed with a great lunch and fellowship with the Christians in Chiang Rai to discover what the Lord is doing in Thailand.  A Christian worker there explained that the church has tripled in size over the past three years consisting of mostly college students attending the university.  Praise the Lord.

On another note, we visited a Buddhist temple called the White Temple.  It was an incredible place.  The entire temple is white with glass pieces all around the temple.  It was definately a more modern and unique looking temple than any of the other temples we had previously visited. 

We also had an opportunity to visit the Golden Triangle where Laos, Burma (Myanmar), and Thailand meet.  This was a neat experience.  Here we took a boat ride to Laos where we were able to experience a different country and culture.

Outside of Chiang Rai we went to a local Christian village where they train elephants to give rides.  We had a great experience riding elephants in the local village and had a great time.  This village is doing a lot to minister to the people there and we were told that the majority of the people are Christians.

Chiang Rai is a beautiful town and the weather was cool, a nice welcome from the south where it is hot and humid.

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