We arrived in Bangkok to a hot and humid day, very much a different climate than the north.  We spent our first day enjoying the Chinese New Year.  Celebrations were everywhere with lion dances, dragons and food everywhere.  Some of the food we saw was like we have never seen before.  There were fried cockroaches, grasshoppers, beetles, bees, worms and other insects we did not know existed.  There are many places to try almost any type of exotic food you can imagine, yet places where we could get foods for those of us who needed to stay on the less exotic side of things (like me). 

We went to an incredible night market with local vendors selling their goods.  Here we purchased our last minute gifts for our loved ones back home. 

Today we travelled to the Grand Palace and the Wat Po.  The Grand Palace is where the Kings have lived from many years in the past.  We toured many ancient artifacts, weapons, money, crown jewels, and many other beautiful ornaments.  We also saw the famous emerald Buddha.  This is a Buddha that traveled from India, to Cambodia, to Laos and then to Thailand throughout many years until today.  At the Wat Po we saw the 3rd largest reclining Buddha in the world, about 130 feet long.  Wow.  Then we saw the collection of sitting Buddha’s and a very famous standing Buddha.  It was very impressive.

Our day concluded with our last group meal at a restaurant overlooking the river.  We enjoyed reminiscing about our experiences on this trip. 

Tomorrow morning we leave for home.  Until we see you on the other side of the world.

The Southeast Asia Tour

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