Thailand Part 1

Hello from Chaing Mai,  Thailand.  We arrived here yesterday and was greeted by missionary Michael Phillips, Aaron Phillips father.  It was wonderful to meet up with him half way across the world.

The climate in Thailand is much cooler, a welcome coolness for us and nice to get away from the heat.

After unpacking at our hotel, we traveled into the mountains and visited a Buddhist temple.  This was an amazing place and quite impressive.  We then traveled to another temple in the city of Chaing Mai that is to be thought around 1,000 years old.  The temple was made of stone bricks and was also a beautiful place.  The temple had been burnt hundreds of years ago by the Burmese so we were able to see some of the damage from that time. Then we ate a meal together and went to the night market.

Our time in Thailand is around two weeks.  We have a lot ahead of us in working with the local people in Northern Thailand.  It will be an unforgetable experience.

Look for a few more blogs to come from Thailand.  Thank you for your prayers and support while we are gone.

Sustained by Him,

The Southeast Asia Team

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