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Glanzer Family

First Family: A Big Flock of Bluejays!

Long before Jules and Peg Glanzer became the First Family of Tabor College, the College came first for the Glanzer family. No less than 14 Glanzers related by blood or marriage have attended or are currently attending Tabor – enough to convene a sizable alumni chapter meeting whenever they sit down for dinner.

“When we gather around the table, everybody but me and the grandkids are Tabor alums,” said Peg, who unquestionably qualifies as an honorary alumna, considering her husband and all of their children and their children’s spouses are all Bluejays.

And while a birdwatcher might have difficulty counting all the Bluejays hopping on the branches of the Glanzers’ family tree, mother Peg sorts the flock quite easily.

On Peg’s side of the family, Peg’s sister, Shirley (Todd) Nickel, is Tabor alum; Peg’s nephew, Todd Storer, is a Tabor alum, and her nephew, Adam McPeck, a sophomore from Gettysburg, SD, is currently enrolled at the College. That’s three Bluejays.)

Jules is a 1974 graduate of Tabor; his brother, Elgin, and his wife, Sheree (Vogt), (graduated) from the College. Their children, Nick, a senior, and Heidi, a junior, from Abilene, Kan., are now attending Tabor. (Five more Bluejays; equals eight so far.)

Jules and Peg’s three children, Jeremy, Nicole, and Matt, all graduated from Tabor, and so did all three of their spouses.

The Glanzers’ oldest son, Jeremy, (g’98), wife Jodi (Seibel g’99), and daughter Avery

Jeremy, the oldest, graduated in 1998 and is now a business developer with Golf Etc. in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeremy’s wife, Jodi (Seibel), graduated in 1999 and was an elementary school teacher until giving birth to their first child, daughter Avery, last year.

Nicole, the Glanzer’s second child, graduated in 1999 with a degree in Elementary Education and taught until their first child was born. Nicole is married to Jason Quiring, a 1998 graduate, now a youth pastor at South Mountain Community Church, in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the couple lives with their four children, Ian, Carter, Coleson and Tatum.

The Glanzer’s youngest son Matt a 2001 Tabor graduate, is married to Chrissy (Previtera g’02). They live in Wichita, Kans., where Matt is Brand Manager with Cargill Inc., and Chrissy is a graphic designer.

Daughter Nicole (Glanzer g’99) Quiring with her husband Jason (g’98) and, from left, Ian, Carter, Tatum and Coleson

(Combine three Glanzer children and their three spouses, and they are six more; added to eight and that equals 14!)

And while it wasn’t a prerequisite for the 13th president of Tabor College to have 14 Bluejays in his family tree, Glanzer’s True Blue devotion to the College made it that much easier to appoint him to the top post, according to Past-President Larry Nikkel.

Introducing his successor at the President’s Dinner in February, Nikkel recalled his first encounter with Glanzer. “I first met Jules in the late 90s when he came up from Houston to watch his son play basketball,” Nikkel said. “My first sit-down meeting came when he visited me in my office here at Tabor. And he came with an agenda. You don’t have to be a college president very long to experience your hands sweating just a bit when your secretary calls to say that a parent is here to see you!

Youngest son Matt (g’01) and wife Chrissy (Previtera g’02)

“Happily, his agenda was to share with me his appreciation for what Tabor had done to contribute to the growth of each of his children who had attended or who were then attending Tabor. One can run for quite awhile on the emotional energy such a visit provides. The next time I sat with Jules and Peg was in their home in Houston. My wife Elaine and I were visiting alumni in the area and we had graciously been invited for a meal in their home.

“To our great pleasure, not only had they invited us, but also the parents of other Tabor students as well as several prospective students and their parents. It was a wonderful evening.”

With so much blue in the bloodlines, it’s reasonable to assume that Tabor College was the only college the Glanzer’s children were allowed to attend. But according to Peg each child was free to make their own choice and all of them looked at other schools. That they chose to be Bluejays makes the all-family alumni reunions even sweeter.

As the First Family of Tabor College, Jules and Peg look forward to introducing a new generation of offspring to the College in May, when their five grandchildren come to Hillsboro for their Gramps’ inauguration. While on campus, the grandparents might consider setting up a meeting between the grandkid’s parents and the College’s Vice President of Enrollment Management, Rusty Allen.

“The oldest one, Ian, will be six this spring, so there’s a chance that Jules will still be president when he’s old enough for college, about 12 years from now,” Peg said. “We think it would be a neat idea if they should choose to come to Tabor, especially when we are here.

Amanda Wann, (cs’10) Lindsborg, Kan., contributed to this story.