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July 1, 2008 · No Comments · Herpetological Society

As Tony and I’s first assignment as Science Club/Herpetological Society Presidents last fall, we went over to the library to clean out the terrarium that was simply gunk. Slaving away we eventually got whatever it was out of there and began thinking about what we could put in the space that we so beautifully cleaned out. Figuring we could think of something, we started driving towards Wichita’s most beloved pet store, PetCo. Once we arrived, we went in optimistically and went straight for the reptiles. There were tons of options and we had to narrow down our decision. After about an hour of debating it came down to two choices, do we make a rainforest terrarium filled with around 50 small (boring) lizards, or get two lively energetic Chinese Water Dragons. Now don’t get me wrong, the little lizards and frogs were cool, but we didn’t really think they would attract much attention if they were hiding in the bushes all the time. So we bought the water dragons as well as a vast array of environmental supplies for the little guys and headed back to good ol’ Hillsboro. Once we got there we had to make this dirt stuff by added a ton of water to these small bricks. Amazingly, the bricks increased to about 100x there original and we coated the bottom of the tank. We then added some bleached twigs and branches (since the dragons like those) and a heat lamp to get the environment to about 80-100º F. With a few finishing touches we completed our first task!! You should all go check them out, they’re right in the entry way of the library and neither of the little guys have names yet so if you have any ideas, shoot me an email at

Jason Reiswig
Herpetological Society President