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Christian Ethics in Science

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A new feature on this blog will be a Christian Ethics and Science page


‘New Community Project’ Founder David Radcliff to Visit Tabor in April

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This the big news from the science department:


Herpetological Society Posts New Blogs

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As Tony and I’s first assignment as Science Club/Herpetological Society Presidents, we went over to the library to clean out the terrarium that was simply gunk. Slaving away we eventually got whatever it was out of there and began thinking about what we could put in the space that we so beautifully cleaned out. Figuring we could think of something, we started driving towards Wichita’s most beloved pet store, PetCo. Once we arrived, we went in optimistically and went straight for the reptiles. There were tons of options and we had to narrow down our decision. After about an hour of debating it came down to two choices, do we make a rainforest terrarium filled with around 50 small (boring) lizards, or get two lively energetic Chinese Water Dragons. Now don’t get me wrong, the little lizards and frogs were cool, but we didn’t really think they would attract much attention if they were hiding in the bushes all the time. So we bought the water dragons as well as a vast array of environmental supplies for the little guys and headed back to good ol’ Hillsboro. Once we got there we had to make this dirt stuff by added a ton of water to these small bricks. Amazingly, the bricks increased to about 100x there original and we coated the bottom of the tank. We then added some bleached twigs and branches (since the dragons like those) and a heat lamp to get the environment to about 80-100º F. With a few finishing touches we completed our first task!! You should all go check them out, they’re right in the entry way of the library and neither of the little guys have names yet so if you have any ideas, shoot me an email at


Some Sample Colors, Links, Etc.

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This is a sample of our blue Tabor Color #084A8C

This is a sample of our gold Tabor Color #9C7401

This is a sample of our yellow Tabor Color #C6A502

Kelli Just, a recent Graphic Design graduate from Tabor College, has won the Junction City Arts Council’s first Premier Artist competition for Kansas artists.

The Premier Artist competition is a new program of the JCAC designed to recognize an up and coming artist who is either a permanent or temporary resident of Kansas.

Just’s winning artwork will be exhibited on Feb. 23 at the JCAC’s Premier Ball in Junction City, where she will be the guest of honor.

“The idea behind the competition is to give emerging artists, those who would like to make art a profession, a little help in opening doors,” said JCAC executive director Gail Parsons. “As with any creative career, opening the first doors to break into the field can be difficult.”

Just was encouraged to enter the Premier Artist competition by her teacher, Shin-hee Chin, Associate Professor for Art and Graphic Design.

“It took me 25 years to get a solo show myself,” said Chin, whose prize-winning artwork has been displayed in the finest galleries around the nation and the world, “so this is quite an achievement for Kelli.”

Kelli is the daughter of Darrel and Geneva Just of Hillsboro.

Full story and photos of Just’s winning entries

High-res photo of 1 Woman by Keli Just 1-woman.jpg


A Large (Sticky) Photo Can Define Your Blog

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 Using the Sticky post status can ‘stick’ the same photo or post at the top of your blog, helping you define its purpose.



Science Writer Wanted

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Bill Nye is looking for help.


(Video) Dr. Jules Glanzer Speaks at Tabor College President’s Dinner

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In a gala evening filled with tributes and accolades, former Tabor College President Larry Nikkel introduced his successor, Dr. Jules Glanzer, before the new president spoke on the topic, “The Best College for the World,” at the Tabor College President’s Dinner, held Feb. 15 at Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church. Nikkel served as President of Tabor College from 1998-2007, retiring at the end of last year. Dr. Glanzer began as the 13th Tabor College President on Feb. 1. His inauguration will be held on May 9.


Tabor College Welcomes New President; Dr. Jules Glanzer Addresses Faculty and Staff

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Dr. Jules Glanzer and his wife, Peg, received a warm welcome from faculty and staff members during a reception Friday, Feb. 1, marking Glanzer’s first day in his position as the 13th president of Tabor College.

Each department presented the Glanzers with various “tools” to help them succeed in their new roles. Dr. Glanzer, a 1974 graduate of Tabor, assumes the presidency after serving as Dean of the George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Newberg, Ore., since 2001.

The official inauguration ceremony for Dr. Glanzer will be held May 9, 2008, in conjunction with the kick-off of the college’s centennial celebration.

View Dr. Glanzer’s greeting:

More information about Tabor College’s new president, Dr. Jules Glanzer


Tabor Connection Magazine Online

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The new Fall 2007 edition of Connection is available online.

Click here


Welcome to the Tabor Edublogger Test Blog

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This blog demonstrates some of the tools (widgets, etc) available on the edublogger blog platform and how it can help us achieve our goal of reaching different audiences.

The blog is set up with feeds from, flickr, and Google video. Visitors can choose to subscribe to the entire blog or to get photo updates from flickr or video updates from Google. Those wishing to subscribe to the entire blog will fill out an email application and be added to the mailing list. We will be notified whenever someone signs up and whenever someone cancels their subscription. They will receive email updates whenever we post a new article, video or photo. Anyone wishing to keep up with our blog can do so through RSS.

Each blogger will have his or her own blogs for each area of interest. For example, we could set up a Tabor Football blog, or a Tabor Alumni blog, or a Tabor Centennial blog or homecoming blog. Special campus events, such as visitor’s days, can also be set up through blogs.

They are easier to set up than web pages and more versatile because they are interactive. For example, we can’t invite people to come to a page at without quite a bit of work. On the other hand, it is easy to invite people to visit us at a blog site. Also, you can set up a blog to allow a selected group of people to make comments and communicate with each other through a blog, which you can’t do at our web site.

Dink around with this. Subscribe to it by email. See what you think.