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Christian Ethics in Science

March 4, 2008

A new feature on this blog will be a Christian Ethics and Science page Read full article »

‘New Community Project’ Founder David Radcliff to Visit Tabor in April

March 4, 2008

This the big news from the science department: Read full article »

Herpetological Society Posts New Blogs

March 4, 2008

As Tony and I’s first assignment as Science Club/Herpetological Society Presidents, we went over to the library to clean out the terrarium that was simply gunk. Slaving away we eventually got whatever it was out Read full article »

Some Sample Colors, Links, Etc.

March 4, 2008

This is a sample of our blue Tabor Color #084A8C This is a sample of our gold Tabor Color #9C7401 This is a sample of our yellow Tabor Color #C6A502 Kelli Just, a recent Graphic Design graduate from Read full article »

A Large (Sticky) Photo Can Define Your Blog

February 27, 2008

 Using the Sticky post status can 'stick' the same photo or post at the top of your blog, helping you define its purpose. Read full article »

Science Writer Wanted

February 20, 2008

Bill Nye is looking for help. Read full article »

(Video) Dr. Jules Glanzer Speaks at Tabor College President’s Dinner

February 20, 2008

In a gala evening filled with tributes and accolades, former Tabor College President Larry Nikkel introduced his successor, Dr. Jules Glanzer, before the new president spoke on the topic, "The Best College for the World," Read full article »

Tabor College Welcomes New President; Dr. Jules Glanzer Addresses Faculty and Staff

February 5, 2008

Dr. Jules Glanzer and his wife, Peg, received a warm welcome from faculty and staff members during a reception Friday, Feb. 1, marking Glanzer's first day in his position as the 13th president of Tabor Read full article »

Tabor Connection Magazine Online

December 18, 2007

The new Fall 2007 edition of Connection is available online. Click here Read full article »

Welcome to the Tabor Edublogger Test Blog

December 13, 2007

This blog demonstrates some of the tools (widgets, etc) available on the edublogger blog platform and how it can help us achieve our goal of reaching different audiences. The blog is set up with feeds from Read full article »